IT Consulting & Advisory Services

Our IT Advisory Services focuses on your challenges to help deliver improved business performance by addressing the IT and business needs together.

M Intergraph consulting services help clients achieve BITA – Business and IT alignment of processes and strategy. We advise our clients to keep the pace in today's rapidly changing technology driven business opportunities and solutions.

We work directly with CIOs and others stakeholders to create a more effective IT Infrastructure and processes. This allows IT to drive process efficiencies throughout the organization and deliver transformational business change.

We estimate and recommend IT services and solutions to meet the business objectives and our inputs assist the clients understanding the technology and structure and evaluating their current / future systems; which help them to define, prioritize and develop initiatives for optimization and improvement.

Key benefits

  • Aligns their technology strategy with their business goals and objectives
  • Applies proven methodologies and tools for cost-effective technology integration and deployment
  • Provides expert advice across a range of platforms and technologies in all key areas of the IT infrastructure, from desktop to data centre
  • Addresses technology performance, availability and security issues
  • Enables a secure and robust infrastructure, that supports emerging business and technology requirements