Enterprise Mobility Consulting

M Intergraph consulting services help organizations leverage mobile solutions to improve the overall performance of their field operations. We provide business and technology consulting to companies looking to realize the full benefit of mobile technology and charter a way to synthesize business and technology to achieve success.

We offer a series of professional consulting services including:

  • Reviewing the organization's use of and need for mobile technologies
  • Strategic consultation and guidance on the proper selection, implementation and use of the mobile technologies
  • Adoption of suitable mobile products and solutions in any organization

Key challenges

  • Managing a mobile workforce and related processes
  • Identifying the core business areas where mobility will drive strong ROI
  • Deploying a unified mobility strategy that will maximize the business value while optimizing implementation and operational costs
  • Keeping pace with new technologies, and evaluating hardiness for filed deployment
  • Leveraging your existing investments while building a mobility infrastructure

Our Enterprise Mobility Solution Practice offers:

Consultancy services include:

  • Development of a strategic mobility roadmap, data security and device management
  • GAP and ROI analysis, product evaluation, vendor/platform selection
  • Adoption of suitable mobile products and solutions in any organization

Middleware selection and Systems integration (of enterprise ERP solutions and other back-ends, or of the value-added service infrastructure) Including application portfolio :

  • Provisioning, administration and monitoring
  • Data transformation and mapping
  • Rules and event processing engine
  • Enterprise service bus that can provide connections to customers' back-end databases across any network and smartphone platform
  • Development, Deploying, Testing; and Support, including governance/policy management, KPI

Key benefits:

  • User productivity

The increased time the users get to perform business operations.

  • Anywhere-Anytime accessibility

Accessing your information on the run – anywhere and anytime.

  • IT operations cost reductions:

IT budget capital and operations cost reductions