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Go Green

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Controlling power management of the desktop is a surprisingly effective way of preserving energy and when coupled with hundreds or thousands of desktop computers in an organization, it can be a key way of reducing energy costs as well as improving the environment. Computers like any other device consume electricity, as much as 10Kw a day, it is important to ensure proper power management on the desktop also. This means ensuring that computers are put into sleep mode or shutdown at appropriate times without impacting the user's day to day work. The power management should also have no adverse impact on regular computer maintenance tasks like patch and application installations.

M Intergraph "GoGreen - Desktop Power Management Services" takes a holistic view of areas that affect your organization's desktop power usage and manages them as an end to end power management service. The objective of the service is to reduce the total energy cost of desktop and application ownership by enabling desktop power management. The key modules of the Go Green – Desktop Power Management Services are Assess, Configure and Monitor.


In this phase the emphasis is on exploring the organization user classification to profile them and define the power management requirements. The key deliverables for this phase are as below:

1.Define User Types based on their power usage profile with respect to following parameters

  • Computer Type and Power Saving Capabilities
  • Operating System
  • PC Uptime Requirements
  • Network Uptime Requirements
  • Wake On LAN capabilities
  • Patching and Application Updating Schedules

2.Create Power Schemes for the user profiles comprising of following key parameters

  • Display Timeout
  • Hard disk Timeout
  • Sleep /Hibernate/Shutdown Timeout
  • Screen Saver Timeout
  • Network Cards/Wireless Cards Timeout


The key deliverable of this phase is implementation of the requirements identified in the Assess phase in a centralized and controlled manner. The key activities are:

  • Create Group Policy Templates for each User Profile with the identified settings as per the assess phase.
  • Deploy Group policies settings to the desktop computers using Active Directory.
  • Deploy Monitoring utilities which help in monitoring the power savings.
  • Test out the updating and patching functionalities as per the organization's schedule.................MONITOR
  • Monitor phase ensures that the settings deployed are working effectively and to establish an effective ongoing ROI feedback mechanism.

The key activities are:

  • Assess Power Savings for each group type on a monthly basis.
  • Fine-tune the Power Settings based on the feedback and results achieved.
  • We believe that M Intergraph GoGreen is one of the fastest and lowest cost ways of making an immediate impact on your IT budget.

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No investment in an enterprise monitoring & management tool and ticketing system.

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Comprehensive reports on inventory and preventive maintenance activities.

Proactive approach

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