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Mail Security Solution

Exchanging emails is not only one of the most important tools in daily business but also in social life. Often information of high value and confidentiality is exchanged via emails. On the other hand the SMTP protocol used for exchanging emails is one of the earliest developed protocols without much focus on security, confidentiality or integrity.

Today the majority of the emails traveling through the Internet are considered Spam. Besides the annoying nature of Spam mail and the productivity loss for companies as employees get distracted; the significant risk imposed from spam is when it is used as a transport mechanism for Viruses and Trojans to propagate or when it is used to gain confidential information from employees by lurking them to infected websites.

M Intergraph works with market leading vendors in Mail Security to provide you with the most comprehensive integrated Mail Security solution .

M Intergraph Mail Security Solution include:

  • AntiVirus protection
  • Inbound and Outbound AntiSpam protection
  • Mail Encryption
  • DLP
  • Mail Archiving
  • User Quarantine

M Inergraph Mail Security Services include:

  • Auditing existing Mail Security environments
  • Designing Mail Security and Encryption Solutions for Small Businesses to Large Enterprises and Service Providers
  • Implementation and Post-Sale services

Our expertise is highly acknowledged throughout the industry, through experience in project delivery of complex mail infrastructure designs. For Service Providers we have developed an integrated outbound AntiSpam solution which prevents Service Provider IP addresses from being blacklisted by customers which are infected by SPAM bots. This solution can be transparently integrated into the Service Providers network inflicting no change in the email routing. The solution is able to track users dynamically and independent from their IP address which can change whenever user login to the provider network.

Special Services for Service Provider Mail Security :

  • Outbound AntiSpam solution
  • IP Blacklist protection
  • User Reputation based filtering
  • Dynamic profiling supporting 3G, DSL and WiMax users
  • Designing Cloud and CPE based Managed Mail Hosting Solutions

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