Next Generation Data Center Advisory Services

Data Center design and topologies have evolved drastically; as the requirement for on-demand services, rapid elasticity within your data center, multi-threat security systems, virtualization requirements, application control delivery, application acceleration, high performance and extreme low latency fabric have all played a key role in the evolution of next generation data centers.

New developments within Data Center industry such as flat fabric, any to any connectivity with extreme low latency, developments within the Ethernet protocol, on demand security services that are agile and dynamic based on applications, complete provisioning lifecycle of infrastructure are some of the key component what makes a data center design architecture into reality. By working with best-in-class technology vendors M INTERGRAPH Solution are able to offer organizations that are looking to transform their legacy data centers into the next-generation data centers based on simplified architecture, agile security services, use of shared resources and automation of operational and maintenance functions.

Data centers can be categorized into two areas; ones that generate revenue and ones that provide operational support and services functions to the business;

  • Transactional Production Data Center Network
  • Content and Hosting Services Production Data Center Network
  • High-Performance Compute (HPC) Production Data Center Network
  • Enterprise IT Data Centers
  • Small and Midsize Business IT Data Center

M Intergraph advisory services help clients provide in-depth knowledge and experience in developing Data Center Security standards that meet all types of data center topologies and technical requirements. From the physical design of Tier I, II and III data centers to the logical architecture design; M INTERGRAPH Solution is able to offer a complete end-to-end pre and post sales consulting services to help your organization make the transition to the next generation data center;

  • Physical Data Center Design:

Tier I, II and III – structured cabling TIA-942, ToR and EoR/MoR physical designs, power and energy efficiency, HVAC and safety requirements.

  • Data Center Architectural Design

Fabric Design – Ethernet Design, Data Center Bridging (DCB), Ethernet Flow Control (EFC) and Priority Based Forwarding (PBF)

Data Center Switching Design – Virtual Chassis / LAG / Multi-Chassis LAG / Layer 2 design.

Physical and Virtual host/server connectivity requirements.

Data Center Routing Design – Dynamic Routing / MPLS / VPLS

Data Center Security Design – Virtualization, Security Domains, IAM, Authentication, SIEM, Application Security, IPS

Data Center Service Layer – Application Delivery Control, Application Optimization, DLP, SSL Offload, Caching

  • Data Center Services Matrix

Service / Traffic Flow

client to server connectivity (north to south)

server to server connectivity (east to west)

Replication / backup / synchronization traffic requirements

See our Information and Service Flow Analysis Service