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About M Intergraph People and Culture

Why M Intergraph employees love its entrepreneurial culture?

We offer true Intrapreneurship style of management @ M Intergraph.

M Intergraph nurtures the spirit of ownership of roles. We encourage team members to self- manage goals, while we support, guide and mentor them at a macro level. Our work culture is not hierarchical and team members have the freedom to challenge, deliberate and innovate. M Intergraph employees trust their management , have pride in what they do and enjoy the company of the people they work with.

The entrepreneurial spirit is part of our DNA and is reflected in our passionate customer and goal focused work culture.

M Intergraph as a company provides lots of opportunities for career growth is always a fun place to work. The best career opportunities for our employees are usually within group organizations, since we are rapidly growing, both in home country and globally.

We are proud of the fact that we has trained the next generation of managers not just for our Indian operations, but also for International operations. The top management and most of the middle management of these projects have been drawn from M Intergraph’s existing talent pool, while the rest will be sourced locally.

"It is very important to get the culture right when you start a new Project, both in home country or internationally. That's why we have a policy of staffing the top executives of new projects with long-time M Intergraph resources. At junior levels, we recruit some really smart people locally. ”

Inspirational Induction & Recruitment:

At M Intergraph, learning the ropes is a priority before meeting objectives. During the Inductions period call executives are expected not to work on goals but simply ask questions, meet other teams and soak in the work culture.

High Engagement :

Continual Employee feedback processes and Diagnostic – Identifying HR policy and processes Strengths And Improvement Areas, Insights – Unpeeling The Layers To Discover the Root Causes

Caring and Listening :

Whether there are operational issues or career or growth issues. We believe that good listening and an empathetic approach is essential to support and find suitable solutions to employee’s concerns.

Thanking and Celebrating:

Big or small every effort or success is be shared , acknowledged and celebrated.

Training and Development:

A company is as good as the people it keeps and as skilled as the training , knowledge sharing and development it provides to its team. We encourage and sponsor team members for both soft and hard skills development program on an ongoing basis.

Lower Iteration:

We enjoy a single digit iteration , much lower than Industry average. Our retention both senior and middle management is more than 7 years - reflective of our entrepreneurial spirit weaved a stable and warm work environment.