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Application Control Solution

Application Control Solution Application Control makes it possible to recognize applications independent from their communication TCP/UDP port values. Having a stateful firewall does not necessarily protect from threats which are hidden inside applications or from threats using the same communication ports as well known protocols like HTTP.

Malicious applications are embedded into known ports such as HTTP that can bypass traditional stateful-inspection firewalls. Modern Application Control solutions also referred to as Next Generation Firewalls are able to recognize more than 1000+ different applications; blocking P2P traffic, identifying Facebook applications or streaming applications like Youtube, providing granular security context and application awareness features.

Application Control solutions also increase network visibility, giving your security operations team understanding of the most common used application within your organization. With such visibility and awareness, security risks can be identified where unauthorized applications are being utilized such as BitTorrnet or eMule, whilst enhancing user experience by implementing QoS for certain critical applications.

Application Control Solutions can leverage and integrate with User Identity solutions providing the possibility to control the application usage behavior for specific users or groups. By integration with a User Identity, Application Control feature extends visibility by providing your organization with awareness on individual users or groups that utilize particular set of applications.

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